Your anonymous wallet on the dark side of the internet.

Bank-grade security for your Bitcoin.

Cold storage security with online ease.

Hidden Wallet can never access your keys or Bitcoin.

Each time you transfer bitcoins to your Hidden Wallet, they are mixed for extra security.

Why shoud you choose us?

Bitcoin and Bitcoin Wallets aren’t really anonymous, the only provide so called pseudonimity.

That “anonymity” is easiy destroyed when you deal with Bitcoin Exchanges for example, which know your real identity.

Most of the Bitcoin Exchange services complywith AML and KYC policies so it’s really hard to be anonymous to government agencies when dealing with bitcoins.

Hidden Wallet helps you break that chain, since it’s hosted on Tor, noone knows who you are because we don’t comply to any AML or KYC policies, so we can’t be forced to reveal our users informations.

Even if we wanted to do that, we don’t have much information about our users because they are using Tor.

We mix all your bitcoins, which makes tracing you impossible.

Bitcoin and Tor, a perfect Team

When using Bitcoin together with Tor you are combining the best online currency with the best encryption and privacy technology available.

When you’re using normal internet websites to manage your bitcoin funds you can’t know who’s tracing you.

Only a shared Web Wallet on Tor will provide you with maximum anonymity and privacy.

Free Bitcoin Laundry/Washing/Mixing

Launder your Bitcoins for free, all we charge is the network fee of 0.001 BTC which we fully pay to the network.

To mix your bitcoins it’s best to use a Tor hidden service like Hidden Wallet because clearweb operating mixers such as BitcoinFog are subject to government control.